Best Sorority Tools Available on Every Campus


A good college will give you the tools you need to succeed. With these tools, you’ll work your way through your degree program and into the professional world of adulthood. Yay! But a good college will also provide you with the right tools. What does that mean? It means these are the kinds of tools that will require you to learn how to use them to your benefit. No one else will do it for you, but these tools make life a whole lot easier. But here’s the kicker. Ready? Your college doesn’t only provide tools for individual students. As a sister or potential sister of a sorority, the campus also offers tools that can be beneficial specificaly to college Greeks. The way an Allen wrench fits . . . whatever you call those hexagonal holes an Allen wrench fits . . . these tools work their way seamlessly into your sorority experience. How are you taking this news? Do you need to sit down? To be fair, we did ask if you were ready.

“So what are these so-called tools? In what aisle of Home Depot do you find them? How do they work? Speaking of Allen, do I need to have watched all eight seasons of Tim Allen in Home Improvement to know how to use these tools? Also, who still watches Home Improvement?”

These are all valid questions. Luckily for you, we have some answers! Thus, we at OmegaFi are happy to share with you our Tool Time knowledge about the Best Sorority Tools Available on Every Campus.

Toolbox #1: Office of Greek Life
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The first set of tools a college sorority sister will want to access is her campus Office of Greek Life. The sorority tools each Greek Life Office offers will differ in some ways, but in general most will offer some important guidance in properly maintaining the Greek life of a sorority. First and foremost they’ll guide each sorority in terms of campus policies, including anti-hazing policies and Greek housing policies. They should provide access to generalized forms such as for new member initiation and submitting chapter information. They’ll provide sororities the tools to access campus statistics and contact information among the Greek community, as well as guidance on how to keep your sorority chapter within the achievement expectations on your campus.

You might have access to academic tools such as tutoring, mentoring, educational seminars and others that help keep your chapter in line with minimal academic expectations. They may offer access to Greek-based academic honor societies. You may additionally have access to the National Pan-Hellenic Council and a Panhellenic association, helping unite the goals of sorority organizations on campus with the help of a delegate sister from your chapter. These groups might also offer leadership programs and other opportunities for the personal growth of sisters and overall benefit of their chapters. Whatever your Greek needs are, check the Office of Greek Life toolbox first.

Toolbox #2: The Campus
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At first it sounds redundant, that one of the best sorority tools your campus offers you is . . . the campus itself. But hear us out. Think about your campus as not a homogenous blob of classrooms and streets and dorms, but as a collection of spaces. Space on campus can be a sorority’s best friend, and offers tools for countless needs. There are spaces for living: Greek housing, dormitories. There are spaces for physical fitness. One important space is the campus gym and health or smoothie bar, sometimes combined into one building or nearby one another. In the gym you can do general cardio and muscle-building exercises that any decent gym offers. But campus gyms often offer amenities such as an Olympic swimming pool, racquetball courts, and more. In addition to the gym, there are campus spaces for intramural sports such as manicured sports fields, basketball and tennis courts, a campus-adjacent university park and more. There are spaces like the library and student center, or other meeting rooms for either study hours or other meetings. There are spaces for setting up tables for recruiting or bake sales or car wash fundraisers. The possibilities are endless. That’s why your campus is one of the best sorority tools you have at your disposal.

Toolbox #3: Health & Safety
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These are the sorority tools we hope sisters don’t have to use, but are glad exist for when they’re needed. Your campus likely has a university hospital or health services center for when you break your ankle playing soccer, or one of your sisters gives everyone the flu. Often campuses will offer student health insurance programs as well. As for mental health, whether you are simply stressed and overloaded with school concerns, or face a more serious and debilitating mental health issue such as clinical depression, your campus should offer sorority sisters counseling services on campus. Often they’ll offer a certain number of sessions free of charge, and if necessary they can recommend you to a professional better suited for your specific struggles.

In addition to these services, the university police are a crucial sorority tool your campus provides. University police patrol campus for potential crime and are available to respond to a sorority sister in need with a quick phone call. Most campuses have emergency stations around campus wired to University Police dispatch for when a sister is walking at night and suspects someone is following her, or if she spots a shady situation going on nearby which requires immediate response. Your University Police Department (UPD) may offer specific services, such as free bike locks or spray canisters of mace. It’s best to talk with UPD representatives to learn about what they offer.

These sorority tools combine into one of the most important toolboxes available to you. Why? Because a sorority can only be successful if its sisters are healthy and safe from harm on their campus.

We think by digging into these three toolboxes available on every campus--your Office of Greek Life, campus spaces, and health & safety services--your sorority will flourish in whatever it sets out to achieve.

Let us know what tools are in your toolboxes in the comments below.


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