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February 2024 Release Notes


OmegaFi’s February 2024 release includes new LegFi form field options, as mentioned in the January 2024 release notes. The new form field options give LegFi admins the opportunity to standardize organization naming conventions, track fiscal year/accounting information, and record more exact member data to include contact information preferences.   

We updated the “Member add/edit” form and added new form fields under the “Demographic,” “Contact,” and “Joined” sections. Now, LegFi admins can easily save a member’s prefix, suffix, middle name, preferred name, and mobile, home and work phone numbers. Additionally, LegFi admins can record a member’s joined date, planned and actual confirmation dates.  

These new form fields appear in each of LegFi’s member forms screens. Admins must click the “Save” button at the bottom of the “Edit” and/or “Add a Member” screens to save their work. They are also available when building custom reports in LegFi under Reports > Member Reports.

We added new form fields to LegFi’s Organization Settings section to allow for more standard naming conventions and empower LegFi admins to create more detailed records.

Under the Organization Settings section (aka gear icon) of LegFi, new fields are now available to specify the organization’s Type, inter/national organization name, school and designation, as applicable. LegFi admins can also use a new drop-down menu on the “Manage Organization Settings” page to note their organization’s accounting type (cash or accrual) and fiscal year start month. 

LegFi has a new “User Type” form field named “Contact” to help LegFi admins track individuals who actively support the organization in some way but are not billable members. Contacts could be advisors, volunteers, house parents or other individuals who do not pay member dues. In addition:

  • Contacts can receive communications via LegFi’s text and email features
  • Contacts can access resources via LegFi’s Shared Documents feature
  • LegFi customers do not receive subscription fees for Contacts
  • Contacts cannot receive invoices, make payments, or have any other transactions applied to their accounts
  • Contacts cannot utilize the survey, calendar, contracts, e-statement, or on-demand statement features of LegFi

To add a Contact to your LegFi account, go to Members > Contacts > “Add Contact” button. The LegFi Contact Field Data update ensures that organizations won’t be charged subscription fees for Contacts. Additionally, the Contact Field Data form field update prevents LegFi admins from accidentally billing a Contact for member dues.


The Consolidated Cash and Receivables Summary report in Compass is updated to include a column for National Dues and Fees Bill Pay balances for each chapter. This report is in Compass under Chapters > Chapter Reporting. Compass users now have a more comprehensive view into each chapter’s bill pay funds, delinquent member balances and Officer Purchasing Cards in one easy-to-use report. 

We are working on more enhancements to LegFi. We’ll soon add a new feature to LegFi that allows organizations to better track member statuses. The HQ “parent” section of LegFi will also be improved to include reporting for joined, initiation, and confirmation dates across all chapters. More to come in future release notes.

Contact your account manager with any questions or to learn more.

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