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LegFi customers get a more efficient way to access financial infomation

LegFi customers get a faster login experience when they use our new feature  

OmegaFi customers who use LegFi now have a new streamlined and more secure way to login to the popular billing and payments solution. With this change, customers will be able to access all the OmegaFi solutions they subscribe to with one set of login credentials.  

Before, users who leveraged more than one OmegaFi solution to run their chapter, club or group had to remember multiple passwords and couldn't access all their purchased solutions from one central place. RELATED: OmegaFi announced a simlar customer registration process for its other software solutions in July 2022. 

“LegFi is a vital tool for our customers, and I am pleased at our ability to continue enhancing the product,” said OmegaFi Product Group Leader Noah Borenstein. “Our login and registration experience streamlines the sign-on process for all OmegaFi products. With this feature, users at both the headquarters and chapter levels can easily access their product portals with one login, which saves them time." 

Fraternities, sororities, associations, and other member-based organizations use OmegaFi’s solutions to streamline their operations and manage finances. From 1992 to present, the company has helped their clients collect more than $6.5 billion in dues, rent and fees. The company also boasts a 90% customer satisfaction score across its solutions and services. 

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