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How to Get Your Sisters on the Same Page

Some days, getting your sisters on the same page feels like a huge challenge. Getting a cat to take a bath would be easier.

To keep ten, fifty, or a hundred sisters synced, you need all the tools you can get—including the right sorority communication software. OmegaFi has designed just such a tool with our premium, all-in-one chapter communication software:


In 2019, unless your chapter has decided to go completely off the grid, you use software to achieve your goals. 

It’s hard to keep pace with other chapters without software, which is near ubiquitous in tasks such as: 

  • setting and managing a budget
  • connecting and promoting the chapter over social media and other online outlets
  • storing important chapter files
  • keeping a membership database 
  • and so much more.

Communication is one of the most important goals a sorority chapter can accomplish with the help of software. That’s why OmegaOne was designed specifically for your members and your unique communication needs.

Here are some of the main communication software functions we’ll cover [anchor links]:

  1. Immediate Communication Goals for Sisters
  2. Planning Ahead for Long-Term Sorority Goals
  3. For When Sisters Can’t Meet Up
  4. How Communication Software Brings You Together

Let’s talk some more about how to use chapter communication software like OmegaOne effectively—and How to Get Your Sisters on the Same Page.

Immediate Communication Goals for Sisters

Sometimes you need to communicate quickly. In chapter life, things come at you fast. There are short-term goals that require things to change within a small window, and you don’t have time to get everyone together for an impromptu meeting or wait for the next chapter meeting.

This is when some sisters turn to chat apps or social media. But while both these tools have their uses for sororities, they don’t function well for the heavy lifting of sorority communication and planning.

Sorority Sisters Communication Same Page_2

The OmegaOne Solution

Some examples of short-term communication and planning needs for chapters include things like:

  • a caterer, venue, or other aspect of event planning falls through
  • some element of a philanthropy project needs adjusting
  • an intramural game gets rained out and needs to be rescheduled
  • a t-shirt order is wrong
  • there’s an unexpected crisis on your campus

There are times sisters need to touch base in a hurry, for anything from mundane formal planning to a bona fide emergency.

Here are the ways OmegaOne helps you connect quickly:

  • send alerts, texts, and emails to custom member groups
  • create and manage contracts and waivers electronically
  • manage chapter merchandise orders
  • send quick survey questions
  • use emergency alert system to quickly contact members and verify their safety during a crisis

Planning Ahead for Long-Term Sorority Goals

Some goals require more detailed and long-term planning. Sisters often are working toward a chapter event or objective that won’t be complete for weeks or months.

You need a software tool that allows you to communicate not only what’s in front of you, but what’s over the horizon to keep your chapter on the road to success.

OmegaOne is suited to keep sisters on the same page throughout your whole story together.

The OmegaOne Solution

Some of the long-term planning goals that require strong sisterhood communication include:

  • planning a successful recruitment
  • planning for academic success
  • event planning, from budgeting to attendance
  • building engagement with alumnae
  • new member education

OmegaOne can help keep your communication goals on track as you connect with the right people at the right time, with features like:

  • event detail planning tools and shared chapter calendar
  • managing member check-in options like geo-location or QR code
  • member appeals and sorority points tracking management
  • study hours attendance management
  • paying membership fees and connecting with our budgeting software
  • engaging groups such as alumnae and new members with custom communications
  • storing and sharing important chapter files such as secret documents and photos

For When Sisters Can’t Meet Up

There are times sisters can’t meet in person, and you need to communicate electronically.

OmegaOne chapter software keeps you connected at all times. That means when sisters are at the gym, across campus for class, or away for winter break, you can ensure the lines of communication stay open.

Sorority Sisters Communication Same Page_1

The OmegaOne Solution

OmegaOne software operates directly on sisters’ phones or tablets. This makes the software highly mobile. It’s like you’re taking your chapter with you in your pocket.

One of the main ways OmegaOne helps you accomplish this goal is with its personalized wall for every member.

Here’s how the wall works.

  • Members can know right away about new and updated events.

When officers add a new event that a member should know about, an alert will be added to that member’s wall. Similarly, alerts can be added when there are changes to an event or important updates the member should know about. Having this information quickly means the member won’t miss the event because of short notice.

  • Dialogue is encouraged on the wall.

While the primary purpose of the wall is to share important alerts with members, members can also comment and respond to the alerts, as well as share attachments and photos, to create a dialogue on any chapter topic.

  • The wall is unique and customizable for every member.

Not only will sisters receive unique alerts and messages that pertain specifically to them, they’ll also be able to use their wall in a way that’s most effective for them. You can write your own messages on the wall. You can like posts and alerts and pin those you don’t want to lose track of.

How Communication Software Brings You Together

While there are times you can’t meet up, the ultimate goal of sorority communication software should always be to bring sisters together.

The point of chapter membership is to bond and accomplish goals together, which means you need to meet face-to-face as often as possible.

While other communication software keeps you on your phone, OmegaOne’s goal is to get sisters in the same place at the same time.

Our software accomplishes this with:

  • a shared chapter calendar with customizable details, invite lists, and reminders
  • check-in options for events and study hours, including geo-location or QR or number code
  • a points tracking and appeals system to encourage engagement and attendance

OmegaFi offers software solutions for Greek chapters for recruitment, budgeting, communication, and more. Learn more about our services or call direct at 800.276.6342.

What are some of your chapter’s communication goals? How could software help you achieve them? Let us know in the comments below!


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