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Here’s What Your Sorority Software Goals Should Be


If you’re reading this, you’re looking for sorority software to help reach chapter goals, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin.

You already use software as a sister, as a student, and as a human living in 2019. For one thing, we all rely on our phones a lot. It’s a way to keep in touch, figure out where we’re going, relieve stress with some video games, and access information through Google.

There’s a software solution for nearly everything.

Sorority chapters end up using software quite a lot. Sisters are goal-oriented, and these tools can help achieve those goals.

What kind of software should you be using? What does your chapter already use?

Sometimes using technology to streamline sorority life can be a process of trial and error.

But you don’t have a lot of time to waste. You’ve got a Comp I essay and a College Algebra exam due the same day. You’re still catching up on that Biology chapter.

Sometimes you need to get the right goals in place as quickly as possible so you can move on to the rest of your “to-do” list.

OmegaFi wants you to achieve—nay, exceed your goals. We say reach for the stars, and use the right app to do it. Let’s talk about What Your Sorority Software Goals Should Be.

You Already Use Free Software for Yourself. It’ll Help Your Chapter, Too.

Your phone and computer are filled with software you use to make it through the week as a college student.

But what if you can use these same programs for more? How can your sorority chapter benefit?

This leads us to a crucial sorority software goal:

Use what you’ve got.

Sorority Software Goals_1

Your well-worn phone apps aren’t going to do all the heavy lifting of the chapter business. But spruce them up a little and they can be a good start.

  • Facebook

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, pretty much everyone with a wi-fi connection is on social media. Don’t get us wrong. Facebook isn’t the perfect platform for hardcore chapter communication.

GOAL: Use social media for hyping up your chapter.

However, what it is good for is spreading your chapter’s message to the masses and promoting your values. Social media like Facebook gives potential new members, alumni, and the community beyond access to info on chapter events, philanthropy projects, your recruitment schedule, pictures, videos, contact and chapter website info, and more.

Don’t rely too much on social media for chapter communication, as it’s not really designed for that. Instead, use it as a guided tour of your chapter and its goals and projects.

  • Charity Navigator

If you’re into charitable giving, you may have heard of Charity Navigator. It’s a company dedicated to helping you find the best and most reputable charities to give to.

It’s great for when you want to give personally, but it’s even better for chapters who want to pull off a successful philanthropy project.

GOAL: Fine-tune your philanthropy with software.

Sorority Software Goals_2

Charity Navigator helps you find the best local or national charity to team up with for your chapter’s goals. It also helps avoid disreputable charities that raise red flags.

When researching nonprofits and charity groups, you can easily connect with someone who has an impact on your community, bringing in more donors and making a real difference.

  • Evernote

If you are a student, you likely take a lot of notes on your computer. Evernote is a free, popular software for keeping your notes all in one place, saved to an online cloud network. You can scan documents and webpages, add images, and—most importantly—share your notes to work as a team.

Why is this important for sorority chapters? Because the better sisters are at studying together, the more successful they’ll be at academics.

GOAL: Be better study buddies with software.

You never miss study hours, but are you making the best of them? It’s inevitable that some sisters will share certain classes or will have taken those classes before. With an online note-taking program like Evernote, you can form study groups, share class notes and documents, and use class materials to tutor and quiz each other.

You can also integrate Evernote with your email, Google Drive, and more.

Good study buddies will help their chapter keep the dean’s list filled with their sisters’ names.

Sorority Recruitment and Budgeting Takes More than Your Average Software

Many sorority goals can be fulfilled with free software you use daily. But there are times generic apps aren’t good enough, and they aren’t specific enough to a sorority’s needs.

For all their usefulness, free apps won’t always do the trick.

Recruitment and budgeting are two major sorority goals that require some heavy lifting. Let’s break down how software can help.

  • OmegaRecruit

Recruitment software like OmegaRecruit, geared toward sororities, can help you bring in the best new sisters every semester.

GOAL: Make recruitment smooth and easy with online voting and bidding.

This program centralizes all your recruitment needs, including voting on PNMs and sharing PNM biographical info in a secured database.

OmegaRecruit is even integrated with ICS software—this means you can send your bid lists electronically, rather than printing out spreadsheets and doing extra work.

  • Vault

Keeping your coffers in the green isn’t easy. Budgeting takes a big effort on the part of your treasurer, executive committee, and others.

It’s a lot easier when the budget is centralized, and chapter finances are made as simple as possible.

GOAL: Make budgeting, paying dues, and tracking finances easy, so you can focus on other goals.

Sorority Software Goals_3

Vault chapter budgeting software keeps your finances in order, in one central hub, where sisters can pay their dues electronically, and officers can access the budget and view financial reports. Vault also helps with bank transactions, payment reminders, and more.

Budgeting software lets you put more resources and effort into the goals you’re paying for, rather than wasting time on disjointed financial management.

OmegaFi offers software solutions for recruitment, budgeting, communications, and more for sorority chapters like yours. See what we have to offer or call us direct at 800.276.6342.

What are your sorority software goals? Let us know in the comments below.

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