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Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment

IFC recruitment is about bringing in a better brother. 

A better brother makes for a better chapter, a better Greek community on campus, and a better national fraternal experience for everyone. It’s a job not easily accomplished. And it’s an ever-evolving effort to help fraternities and their members be safe and inclusive, embody shared values, connect with their communities, and foster academic success.

In short, IFC recruitment is the first step to achieving fraternity greatness.

As a fraternity recruitment officer, it can feel like a lot to live up to, but doing IFC recruitment the right way will leave you with a stronger chapter.

Besides, you didn’t join your chapter to do things the easy way! You’re here to make an impact. And you do that by bringing in the members who represent your fraternity’s best qualities. Also—crucially—you’re building for the future. 

So before you start handing out those priceless bids like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, here is Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment.

I’m My Chapter’s Recruitment Chair or President. What’s My Role in IFC Recruitment?

In short, you’re the conduit between your campus IFC’s recruitment values and rules and those of your chapter members.

You are responsible for ensuring members understand what IFC recruitment means and that they act accordingly. But what does that actually look like?

Here are a few of your most important roles as a recruitment executive for your chapter.

Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment_2

  • Representing IFC values is a 365-days-a-year job.

Whether it’s an active recruitment period or not, you’re an IFC brother when you’re in class, at the gym, or off campus to grab a bite to eat. It also means you’re well versed on IFC recruitment standards, so if a non-member has questions, you can answer them or direct them to someone who can.

  •  You’re responsible for making sure all members know the IFC recruitment rules—and follow them. 

This can include all active, new member, inactive, and alumni chapter members; in short, anyone participating in your recruitment process or events needs to know and follow the rules. For better or worse, you’re the one held responsible.

  • If your campus has an informal recruitment period, follow the same rules used during the formal process. 

Early bids still must go through the process of pre-recruitment education, register for formal recruitment, and be limited according to your IFC regulations. Your members must act within the rules when interacting with PNMs.

Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment_1

  • Attend all required IFC recruitment meetings, training, and be up to speed on all communications and rules.

Knowing the rules from last year isn’t enough. IFC rules often change, and it’s important to be current on what’s expected of your chapter this semester. Attend meetings with your IFC officials and complete the necessary training. Keep track of guidelines and rules, and make sure all your members know them inside and out.

  • Make sure all recruitment materials, events, and communications meet IFC guidelines.

Do a quality check on flyers, brochures, emails, and other communications you’ll give to PNMs, and make sure they’re approved by the IFC. Ensure all events and house activities conform to the rules as well.

  • Keep track of recruitment deadlines. File the right paperwork.

Track registration deadlines, formal recruitment dates and times, when bid lists are due, etc. Know what’s expected of you in terms of paperwork submitted to your IFC or reports to your national fraternity, and budget for fees related to recruitment.

What Actually Is Expected of My Chapter During IFC Recruitment?

You’re likely to learn a lot about your campus IFC’s specific recruitment expectations by attending meetings and training and keeping up to date with written regulations

Also, your fraternity HQ and chapter advisors will be guiding you to act in accordance with national recruiting trends and expectations. However, there are some broad expectations to keep in mind that can make you a better representative of your IFC.

Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment_4

Make Health and Safety a Recruitment Priority

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)’s guiding principles are those any IFC chapter should familiarize themselves to prepare for an active recruitment period—and for everyday fraternity life.

The NIC’s Health and Safety guidelines should be part of your recruitment foundation. 

Potential harm must be part of your risk management plan. Address:

  • Alcohol and drug policies consistent with NIC guidelines
  • Hazing
  • Sexual abuse and/or harassment
  • Fire, health, and safety codes and practices
  • Carrying commercial general liability insurance
  • Implementing a medical Good Samaritan policy
  • Member education on Health and Safety expectations

Making the NIC’s guiding principles your own will ensure a safe and successful recruitment for both current and future members.

Connect with PNMs who Share Your Chapter, Your IFC, and the NIC’s Values

The values of PNMs, your chapter, your campus IFC executives, and the NIC should align before you offer a bid. Remember, fraternity life is meant to enrich undergraduate life through shared values and leadership building. These are the areas you should focus on.

Everything You Need to Know about IFC Recruitment_3"In short, IFC recruitment is the first step to achieving fraternity greatness."

Here are a few guiding suggestions to keep recruitment in lockstep with IFC and NIC values:

  • Focus on values-based conversations that let you know the PNM’s academic goals, experiences, values, and expectations of fraternity life. This is a time to see if you’re a good fit for one another, not a time to show off how cool the house is or how loud the speakers can go.
  • Make academics a priority. The NIC recommends a minimum GPA of 2.5 for a student to register for IFC recruitment. It may be higher depending on your university and fraternity. Be sure to talk about how school’s going and career aspirations during recruitment events.
  • Talk to your IFC about educational opportunities. Outside of required trainings and meetings each semester, there are opportunities to better align your chapter with IFC/NIC values through educational programs. For instance, the NIC’s LAUNCH program is designed to bring together council and chapter leaders to discuss shared goals and community planning.

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What are your IFC recruitment goals? Let us know in the comments below!

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