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Fraternity Communication Software: 3 Benefits to Going High-Tech

When you invest in fraternity communication software, it pays to go high-tech.

Remember all those gadgets James Bond carries around with him on secret missions? Like the best fraternity communication software, they’re always more than they seem.

With Bond’s wristwatch, he could radio his allies, shoot laser beams, and detonate explosives. It kept time, too!

You don’t want to be the dude with a simple Rolex, sans lasers, when 007 shows up. Can you even imagine? It’s the same with the software you use to manage your chapter event planning, academics, recruitment, and other high-level communication tasks.

Generic or single-use apps are useful for small jobs. But they quickly become insufficient for complicated chapter management goals, which involve a lot of moving parts, fast-paced timelines, and multiple brothers all with different roles.  

As with all things in fraternity life, choosing the quick-and-simple solution over the right one will leave you cursing your decision.

So, what’s the next step? How do you go high-tech when it comes to fraternity software? We’re glad you asked. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss OmegaOne Chapter Communication Software.

We believe the perfect chapter communication software should be multifaceted. It should handle chapter communication and management in all its complexity—and it should do so in a way that makes sense to fraternity brothers. That’s how we designed OmegaOne.

On top of that, OmegaOne is mobile friendly.

When brothers are spread across campus and you need to solve problems quickly, having a centralized communication app with alerts, texting, email, file sharing, and more, can be a downright necessity. 

How OmegaOne enables your chapter to accomplish its communication goals:

  1. Come Together with Advanced Event Management.
  2. Help Your Chapter Score High with Study Hours Tracking.
  3. Put Brothers’ Safety First with Emergency Check-Ins.

Let’s talk Fraternity Communication Software. These are the 3 Benefits to Going High-Tech.

Come Together with Advanced Event Management

Events! We love them. You love them. 

You don’t, however, love planning them. And you especially don’t love prodding your brothers to all be in the right place at the right time—and then scrambling when they aren’t.

What you really need is high-tech chapter software that lets you connect from anywhere, but also brings brothers together.

3 Fraternity Communication Software Benefits_1

Here’s how OmegaOne’s event management features can help your chapter: 

  • A shared calendar keeps brothers on the same page about events and meetings. They see only what applies to them.
  • Events are highly customizable so you can insert important details and customize who’s invited, as well as when and where the event is held.
  • Plan every detail by communicating with alerts, email, and text, and sharing pictures, videos, vendor contracts, and more.
  • Customized mobile check-in features like geo-location to ensure brothers get where they need to be.
  • Use alerts to make last-minute event announcements, like a change in venue or other important adjustment you need brothers to know about quickly. Alerts show up on brothers’ walls—their centralized message board where all important announcements show up. You can also quickly text or email customized groups of brothers.

In other words, good chapter communication isn’t just about sending messages back and forth, but doing so with the purpose of coming together and accomplishing your goals.

Help Your Chapter Score High with Study Hours Tracking

School is not a separate challenge from fraternity life. Rather, it’s woven into the fabric. Your members are expected to keep their GPAs as high as possible. 

And the chapter is expected to help them score high when it comes to academics. A major part of that includes holding required study hours, but there’s so much potential for to the academic chair to accomplish.

Having the right communication software can make those goals attainable.

3 Fraternity Communication Software Benefits_2

With OmegaOne, your academics chair can help your members climb the GPA ladder:

  • Build academic deadlines into your shared chapter calendar, such as add/drop for classes, early registration periods, midterms and finals, textbook return deadlines, grad school application and honor society deadlines, dates for career fairs on campus, etc.
  • Plan presentations and meetings on topics such as academic expectations of students, psychological services for stress management, physical fitness/exercise on campus, bookstore services, disability and veteran learning services, healthy eating, and more.
  • Stay connected with fellow officers and key alumni about academic goals and progress.
  • Announce academic achievements by brothers, scholarship opportunities, upcoming leadership seminars, etc.
  • Manage study hours like any other event, with proctor-less mobile check-ins using geolocation, and a built-in chapter points and appeals system. OmegaOne’s study hours management system puts academics at the center of your chapter’s conversation.

Emergency Check-Ins Put Brothers’ Safety First

Managing risk in your fraternity chapter isn’t easy, to say the least. Brothers must be educated about potential risks and expectations of safe behavior. Then those expectations need to be enforced with a robust risk management plan.

But not all potential dangers to your chapter stem from brothers.

In fact, there are many emergency scenarios in life no one can predict ahead of time. But how do you make sure brother safety in these unforeseen situations is an important aspect of your chapter conversation?

Well, you may not be able to prevent every potential crisis, but you can have a good plan in place.

Fast and reliable communication makes a world of difference in natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires, as well as active shooter scenarios and other dangerous situations you hope never to face on your campus.

3 Fraternity Communication Software Benefits_3

OmegaOne’s Emergency Check-In feature keeps brothers safe:

  • Use the Emergency Check-In feature to send an alert to all your members on their mobile devices, which will repeat every 2 minutes for 30 minutes. A member must mark “safe” or “not safe,” and it allows you to geolocate and communicate with “unsafe” members.
  • Plan for emergencies by sharing your risk management plan and other tips and tricks with brothers, send alerts about weather warnings.
  • Message fellow executives when you find out there’s an ongoing emergency.

When time is critical and brothers are in potential danger, having the right communication tools in place becomes a crucial lifeline.

OmegaFi offers software solutions for Greek chapters for recruitment, budgeting, communication, and more. Learn more about our services or call direct at 800.276.6342.

What are some of your chapter’s top communication goals? How do you go about achieving them? Let us know in the comments below!

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