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Sorority Communication Tools Every Chapter Should Consider


Sorority communication tools can make the difference between failure and success in your chapter.

Let’s look at a fictional example to explore how this is true:

Jenny is the recruitment chair for her chapter.

She needs to coordinate with the t-shirt chair to go over some designs. Something tasteful but fun. Something with their letters big and visible. She needs a design that’ll catch the eyes of Potential New Members, and she must have the shirts printed and shipped as soon as possible, in case something goes wrong with the order.

She needs to plan safe events with the risk management chair. There can be no hazing activities and no alcohol at their events. They must ensure fire and safety equipment is working in the house and cover other logistical issues of safe and appropriate conduct. She needs an updated list of authorities to contact in the event of a rule violation or emergency. Those expectations then need to be passed on to sisters.

She and the house manager must coordinate with the house staff and prepare to host PNMs for events, decide on décor and catering, order necessary house maintenance, et cetera.

To be effective in her role, Jenny must communicate her way through sorority recruitment.

These are just a few of the many interactions a sorority officer has within any given semester.

Sure, Jenny could text everyone separately, share her t-shirt chair’s designs in Google Drive, keep her PNM list on a spreadsheet.

And sometimes it may be no big deal to go through all the extra steps to communicate through multiple channels. But every officer knows that moment when things are at peak chaos, and everything that can go wrong does.

Wouldn’t it be a miracle in those moments to have all the tools you need in one place?

We sympathize—and we can help. Here are OmegaFi’s Sorority Communication Tools Every Chapter Should Consider.

For Planning Events

They say one of the only constants in life is taxes. For sorority women, another is event planning.

Every officer must wade through the details of planning a chapter event at some point. And if the planning isn’t properly organized, or communication breaks down, it’s headache city.

Sorority Communication Tools Every Chapter Should Consider_1

Chances are, you’ve been there. Many of us have. Proper communication for putting a solid even together has many important steps:

  • securing a venue and catering
  • designing promotional materials
  • coordinating with partner organizations
  • assigning volunteer duties
  • tracking attendance

And that’s just a slice of the to-do list. All these steps require clear and consistent communication. How do you achieve this?

Simple. With OmegaOne Communication Software.

OmegaOne is OmegaFi’s all-in-one sorority communication tool that can get you through every element of planning an event:

  1. Add your event details to a shared schedule.
  2. Communicate with other officers for updates, asking impromptu poll questions, sharing and storing important files, accessing the budget and managing dues payments, etc.
  3. Send mass messages to sisters regarding event updates.
  4. Enable check-ins for event attendance, based on geo-location, a QR scan code, or a manually-entered number code.
  5. Track and manage attendance points for all sisters.

As you can see, normally you’d have to go through many extra steps to achieve all these goals.

Cloud calendars and storage drives, text apps or social media, check-in sheets, and point system spreadsheets are only a few of the different tools you’d have to access.

These all require different usernames and passwords.

Add all the login info you must remember for email, class registration, submitting assignment through the university’s online learning portal, and more, and you’re bound to get locked out of a crucial application at some point.

OmegaOne is designed to handle all your chapter’s communication needs in one place.

For Planning Your Future

At the center of every sister’s sorority experience is academics.

Chapters must keep up their GPA, but this can be a challenge when managing the success of so many women at once.

It takes—you guessed it—good communication.

You must manage expectations for study hours and put school first. When sisters do well, you want to celebrate that and build morale. When they shirk their responsibilities as students, you must communicate the consequences clearly.

We already talked about how OmegaOne covers all sisters’ present communication needs with the same tool. But how can this software help with building your futures as students?

This software allows you to:

  • track study hours for all sisters
  • set up multiple geo-based check-ins for study hour locations
  • share files and documents related to academic expectations
  • review and resolve sisters’ appeals for missed study hours
  • send mass messages or emails about changes in study hour schedule or chapter academics

When you have the right tools to make the grade, your chapter will thrive.

For Expecting the Unexpected

What you really need are communication tools geared toward sorority chapter life—and all the unexpected challenges that come with it.

Even when you’re all on the same page, the unexpected still happens.

A chapter juggles so many moving pieces at once, so any way to consolidate your efforts and make things easier and more consistent can be a life saver.

Sorority Communication Tools Every Chapter Should Consider_2OmegaOne makes communicating through the chaos easy.

You can . . .

. . . make chapter-wide announcements, or you can send messages to select groups of sisters, via text or email, at the push of a button.

. . . adjust and color-code the shared calendar events, adjust attendance points and requirements, the ability to check in electronically, and more.

. . . ensure sisters never miss another update since all important messages and changes you make will appear on their personalized walls.

. . . use emergency geo-location check-ins to give yourselves an added sense of security. In any kind of emergency—from a weather event to an unsafe campus situation—you can send alerts to your members so they can let the chapter know they’re safe, and you can pass that info on to the authorities.

OmegaFi offers software solutions for sorority chapters for recruitment, budgeting, communication, and more. Learn more about our services or call direct at 800.276.6342.

What questions or comments do you have about sorority communication tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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