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We Miss Seeing You at FEA: An Update from OmegaFi

Scene: One year ago... 

The OmegaFi office is buzzing...packing up our booth...finalizing our giveaway...making plans to meet with partners... 

The Fraternity Executives Association (FEA) Annual Meeting is one of our favorite events of the year! It gives us a chance to have meaningful conversations about what’s new at OmegaFi and to hear what’s new for our national partners. Conversations at FEA have led to some incredible idea sharing and improvements for all of us. 

Flash forward to now... 

While we’ll miss seeing everyone at this year’s meeting, there’s still excitement in the virtual offices of OmegaFi! We’ve encouraged our team to continue working remotely – we're on video calls with each other and your chapter leaders every day. Here’s what we’re most excited about at OmegaFi: 

A Commitment to a Successful Recruitment 

We’re doubling down on our commitment to a successful recruitment during the 2020-2021 school year! 

Free ICS 

If you haven’t heard, we’re offering ICS to campuses for free for the remainder of 2020! All current and new customers will enjoy this savings. It’s our hope a free recruitment registration and management software will allow collegiate panhellenics and IFCs to keep costs down for recruitment registration. We know recruitment this year will have its challenges – we don’t want registration costs to be one of them.  

OmegaRecruit upgrades and mobile app update 

In June, we’ll have OmegaRecruit mobile app updates to introduce to you! The enhanced tool has improved voting features, the ability to update user information from within in the app and the ability to recommend multiple users for recruitment pairings. All of these items will make sorority recruitment much easier during recruitment season (without any login changes!). In addition, the desktop version is getting an upgrade that makes things like primary and secondary pool tracking and matching members to potential new members a lot easier. 

A Commitment to our Customers 

In January, we shared a realignment of staff to renew our focus on customersOur Customer Success Department, under the leadership of Chief Customer Officer Krystee Edwards, is working hard to support your chapters. While we couldn’t have predicted the crisis our world would face this spring, our renewed focus on customer service made us better equipped to provide your chapters with effective advice, quick response times and we’ve been able to implement the unique national financial procedures put in place by each organization in response to Covid-19. Navigating the financial impact of the spring semester isn’t the same for every fraternity, sorority, chapter or house corporation – and we’ve worked hard to successfully support every scenario.  

New and Growing Partnerships 

Since we saw you last May, we’ve celebrated five new or expanded partnerships! 

Tri Delta 

Tri Delta converted 141 chapters to Vault last summer! The conversion process was smooth and Tri Delta had a successful first year on Vault – collecting dues, rent and fees from 19,741 sisters. Building on the success of this transition led to a new partnership with... 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Gamma Phi started transitioning her sisters to Vault earlier this month! So far, 43 chapters representing 7,772 members are up and running – we look forward to setting up fall billing cycles with all of Gamma Phi’s 189 chapters before school resumes in August. 

Sigma Pi 

While Sigma Pi has been an OmegaFi partner since 2010, this year, the partnership grew when their leadership voted to use Vault and OmegaOne for all chapters. Sigma Pi is a valued partner and we are excited about the expanded financial and communication services OmegaFi will provide their organization. 

Delta Tau Delta 

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but Delta Tau Delta moved their database to Compass last summer! Compass has improved new member reporting and roster updates, as well as streamlined the payment of national dues and fees.  

Lambda Chi Alpha  

Hot off the presses! Lambda Chi is the newest addition to our Compass family! Last week, Lambda Chi went live on Compass. Under normal circumstances, our team would travel several times to the Lambda Chi offices in Carmel, Indiana to provide testing support and training – all of which had to be moved to virtual settings. We look forward to visiting Lambda Chi when the time is right, but everyone involved would agree we made the best of a unique set of challenges.  

New Corporate Values 

Internally, one of our biggest projects was a new strategic plan and revision of our corporate values – developed in partnership with Pennington & Company. When our companies joined together in 2017, organizations that had once been competitors quickly discovered many of our core values were aligned. Now, we’ve made it official! We took our individual company values and made them one. Together, we will: 

Dream Big 

Reach & Innovate 

Act with Agility 

Embrace a Healthy Attitude and 

Make Raving Fans 

Our values influence all we do at OmegaFi. We routinely recognize teammates who demonstrate them and use them to guide our decision-making. These values aren’t much of a shift from our previous values, but they reflect our commitment to our employees and our customers in a special way.  

We miss seeing you! We know this change is temporary and we’ll be out visiting your offices and resuming convention travel soon – we can’t wait!  

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