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OmegaFi Innovates Billing & Payments Software Again, Creates Vault® Chapter Housing Report

Report gives customers the power to create more accurate budgets & better plan for the future 

OmegaFi today launched the Vault® Chapter Housing Report, a new feature in its billing and payments software that makes it easy for chapters and their national organizations to figure out housed chapter occupancy rates and the impact the occupancy rate has on chapter and national budgets. 

Empowering chapters, clubs, and groups to create more accurate budgets and better financial plans is at the core of OmegaFi’s mission. OmegaFi’s suite of financial and administrative software products makes it possible for its customers to focus more on creating life-long friendships and leadership opportunities for their members. 

Vault Chapter Housing Report Key Features: National Headquarters Impact

  • Speed up record keeping: View housed chapter occupancy rates; and the number of signed vs. unsigned housing contracts.
  • Create more accurate national budgets: Figure out if current occupancy rates will affect annual chapter and national budgets.
  • Ensure accurate billing: Choose resident group types (resident vs. non-resident); and then assign the right billing fee for each.  
  • Identify savings or shortfalls: Proactively find budget surpluses or deficits, depending on occupancy rates; and recommend chapter bill changes.   

Vault Chapter Housing Report Key Features: Chapter Impact
  • Determine occupancy rates: See how many members are signed up to live in the chapter house; and if new members can move in sooner.   
  • Ensure accurate chapter budgeting: Quickly and accurately figure out how occupancy rates will affect annual chapter budgets – and decide if member dues or rent payments will need to be adjusted. 
  • Create more accurate bills: Choose the resident group types (resident vs. non-resident); and then bill the correct amount.   
  • Identify savings or shortfalls: See if current payments will cover housing expenses. Source help from chapter advisors or national office staff before it becomes a problem.  

Pricing & Availability
The Vault Chapter Housing Report is free and available immediately to existing Vault customers. Interested in a billing and payments software demo? Contact our sales team. 

Looking for Vault Housing Report "How-To" Instructions or Demos? 
Vault users can access step-by-step directions about how to use the Vault Chapter Housing Report here. Access information about how to designate "residents" vs. "non-residents here. National Desktop users can access information about Housing Occupancy Rate reports here.  

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