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Setting Sorority Recruitment Goals for Large Chapters

 Every chapter, big and small, needs sorority recruitment goals.

When you bring in new members, you need to have the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time. That requires a lot of planning.

Small chapters hunger for new sisters and basically center their existence around recruitment—because, well, when you are still growing from a handful of members, recruitment is your existence.

But what about large chapters?

What does recruitment mean if you’re already prospering?

As it turns out, a lot. In sorority life, the more you have, the more you stand to lose without good management.

Yet you can gain so much by setting the right goals and following through consistently.

Let’s look at one quick example:

Sue is a Potential New Member, and your chapter is on the top of her bid list.

What’s attracting her to you?

It could be that you are simply more visible on campus due to your size. Maybe Sue’s a legacy. Or, possibly your chapter hosts a lot of on-campus activities that seem up her alley.

But does she actually want to contribute? Does she want to work hard and become a leader? Is she focused on academics, and seeking growth as a person?

Or is she solely interested in partying? Does she want to disappear into the fold and join a big chapter so she can live in a big, lavish house without having to do her part?

There are many responsible PNMs seeking personal growth through sorority life. There are also many who would become the opposite of what your chapter stands for if given bids.

In a big chapter, you’ll attract plenty of both.

Setting Sorority Recruitment Goals for Large Chapters isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Let’s look at some of OmegaFi’s top tips for bidding quality PNMs and building a better future.

Got Quality Sisters? Awesome, but Don’t Get Complacent

One of the biggest dangers of being in a big chapter full of amazing sisters is that you stop setting the right recruitment goals.

You have it good, so you forget how things can go bad.

You get . . . complacent. *cue dramatic sound effect*

The problem is that when you bring in the wrong sisters, they won’t all make big, obvious mistakes that’ll get them thrown out in the first semester of membership.

In fact, some may be more-or-less model sisters throughout new member education, just excited and overwhelmed by sisterhood.

It’s not until they become juniors and seniors that a lot of the worst habits come out full force. Issues that should’ve been sniffed out during recruitment events have slipped by, and now they’re completely rooted.

These older sisters are supposed to be leaders, but because of a complacent mindset, bad recruitment decisions ended up hurting the chapter semesters or even years later.

Can PNMs Afford Sorority Life, and Do They Really Want It?

Some PNMs have the idea that they must join a sorority to have the full college experience, so they go to recruitment rushing into a decision that may not be right for them.

They just throw a dart at the chapters that are most popular on campus, and try to get a bid, not really understanding the full commitment it takes.

Sisterhood isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

In large chapters, it may stroke your ego to know everyone who’s anyone wants to join your organization.

But not everyone should join. Not everyone deserves to join. Many think they want it but don’t, or they can’t afford it.

Use sorority recruitment to communicate needs on both sides.

Be straightforward and candid about membership dues and other living costs, like room and meal plan at the chapter house.

Don’t play up partying and leave out details about the hard work, teambuilding, leadership training, philanthropy, and academic expectations.

Remember, The Real World told people to stop being polite and start being real. But the drama and partying was fake and filmed in a studio. Any PNM who thinks that’s what the true sorority experience is like is being lied to.

Recruit Future Officers

A new member won’t be elected to the executive board any time soon. But one day, they certainly might.

What kind of sister do you want leading you in the future?

Think about the qualities that make good officers in your chapter.


That’s not to say recruit someone who’s good at math because one day she may be your chapter treasurer, or recruit someone who’s a professional party planner for your social chair.

Good future officers are moldable yet resilient. They strive to learn and do better, they seek opportunities to lead, and they’re humbled by their mistakes.

Remember, the goal of recruitment is to bring in new sisters who will grow into leaders in the chapter, in the classroom, and eventually as alumnae and in their careers.

Those are the sisters who will give back to those who come after them. Those are the sisters you want in your chapter.

What Are You Losing When Members Graduate?

Which sisters are graduating or have graduated in the past semester?

What did they bring to the table?

Your chapter goes through a continual cycle of sisters joining and graduating. A large chapter may not pay as close attention to what they’re losing when each sister graduates, but it’s important to take time to reflect.

What has your chapter lost, and how do you seek those qualities out in young prospects? You may have a different approach to this than another chapter, depending on your specific circumstances.

That’s okay. It’s just important to figure out what you want—and need—from new membership. Know your strengths and weaknesses, how your chapter is evolving, and how recruitment factors into that.

OmegaFi offers software solutions for recruitment, budgeting, communications, and more for sorority chapters like yours. See what we have to offer or call us direct at 800.276.6342.

What questions or comments do you have about sorority recruitment goals? Let us know in the comments below.

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