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Pike Leverages OmegaFi's Membership Expertise

In July 2013, the long standing partnership between OmegaFi and Pi Kappa Alpha took an additional step forward when the International Fraternity hired an OmegaFi employee to work alongside their team and oversee membership reporting and records management for the Fraternity.

The membership staffing role is one of many collaborative relationships that exist between Pi Kappa Alpha, Pike chapters and OmegaFi. Pike students, officers and headquarters staff already use OmegaFi's Vault and Compass technology portals. These systems allow chapters to electronically add and update member records to both their local roster as well as the records of the International Fraternity.

After working in this capacity for nearly two years, Sandra Newsom, Pi Kappa Alpha's Chief Administrative Officer, commented on the partnership saying, “The efficiencies attained through the staffing partnership with OmegaFi have been enormous. The seamless integration of OmegaFi staff into our daily operations related to membership reporting and records management services assures that Pi Kappa Alpha benefits from the expert use of the tools and relationships that are the structure of Compass. Our student constituents are being well served through our OmegaFi staffing partnership, and PIKE staff can focus on the more strategic areas of our membership operations.  It’s a win on all fronts!”

Thinking about the impact this staffing relationship has made on membership and financial operations, J.R. Parsons, Chief Financial Officer of Pi Kappa Alpha added, “This component of our partnership is probably the most impactful of all. The work performed as part of this partnership creates a synergy between membership reporting and financial operations that never existed before. The depth of understanding of OmegaFi paired with the ability and willingness to learn and improve the process we have at Pi Kappa Alpha creates a level of efficiency we would otherwise not likely achieve. I don’t know that I can even quantify the time this has saved us.”

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