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KA Enjoys Simplified T-Shirt Ordering


The Kappa Alpha Order chapter officers at Duke University struggled trying to manage t-shirt orders and distribution to the more than 100 members of their Alpha Phi Chapter. They had worked with OmegaFi for more than six years, but didn't realize OmegaFi had some tools in place to make t-shirt ordering so easy.

Through OmegaFi's partnership with The Graphic Cow, the chapter's t-shirt chairman can review saved t-shirt designs created by other chapters or create one of his own and make the design available to all brothers through their goKA account. When members place an order, the charges are automatically added to the member's bill.

"No longer do we have to worry about trying to collect money from everyone," explained t-shirt chairman Jake Cooper. "Also, we love the 'Cow Tag' feature because each shirt is individually identified. Members no longer take shirts that don't belong to them. Everyone who orders a shirt, gets the exact shirt they ordered."

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