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Phi Delta Epsilon streamlines its operations and builds a business case for their future

Medical professional fraternity to save time and money with LegFi

Professional fraternities depend on their talented-but-time-strapped full-time and/or volunteer staff to handle day-to-day operations, manage financial risk, and raise money. Making time for the strategic planning or blue-sky thinking that benefits members often take a back seat to the necessity of processing payments, maintaining chapter rosters, planning professional development events and more.  

Phi Delta Epsilon, an inclusive international medical fraternity is opting to focus on their organization’s future, minimize financial risk and streamline operations. The medical fraternity with more than 40,000 members will use LegFi with Treasury, an affordable OmegaFi software product that gives chapters, clubs, and groups a way to easily bill and collect local and international dues online; a free FDIC-insured bankless option to hold funds and make purchases; create budgets; process tax forms; and more.

LegFi offers free Treasury cards to software subscribers. Like a traditional banking debit card, Treasury cards are tied to the Treasury account. Chapter administrators can assign member names to virtual or physical cards, set card spending limits; and monitor online, in-app or in-store purchases. If a chapter member resigns or loses their card, chapter administrators can cancel and reorder cards at no additional charge.  

“We searched for a healthier financial solution for over five years, and couldn’t find anything that was affordable, user-friendly, and simultaneously met all our Executive Office and international members’ needs,” said Karen Katz, Phi Delta Epsilon’s CEO. “Within one month of launching LegFi with Treasury to our members, we had more than 20 chapters adopt the software.”

Phi Delta Epsilon helps develop physicians who positively impact the world, inspire others to greatness, and lead by example. Phi Delta Epsilon’s international philanthropic and service partner is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH). Its chapters represent the diversity in medicine, and treat all members and patients kindly, nonjudgmentally, and respectfully. 
“For more than 30 years, OmegaFi has partnered with chapters, clubs and groups to encourage big dreams and provide the support to make them happen,” said Noah Borenstein, Higher Education product group leader. “If we can help professional fraternity associations like Phi Delta Epsilon streamline its billing and payments processes so that they spend more time to focus on their mission, then we’ve achieved our goal.”

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