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New Chapter Consolidated Reports

OmegaFi Creates New Reports to Help National Clients Quickly Assess Chapter Health

Reports empower national staff to identify and proactively address finance issues

OmegaFi’s national clients have an easier way to monitor their chapters’ financial position. The 30+ year-old software company’s recent Compass® and National Desktop® product release features three new consolidated financial reports: the Consolidated Billing Summary; the Consolidated Cash & Receivables Summary; and the Consolidated Budget Summary. Now, national office staff can spend less time researching and manually updating reports, easily review chapter financial data at a specific point in time, and have more time to address financial concerns before they become a larger issue.

The new consolidated chapter reports are free added features, included with your Compass and/or National Desktop software subscription:

Consolidated Billing Summary

An Excel report as of the current date, that includes all chapters, the chapters’ current billing groups, the amount to be billed per billing group, and the number of members in each billing group.

Consolidated Cash & Receivables Summary

An Excel report as of the current date that includes the chapter name, university name, bill pay fund balances, number of delinquent members, the total outstanding delinquent receivables, and the total number and dollar of uncategorized officer purchasing card (OPC) transactions.

Consolidated Budget Summary

An Excel report as of the current date that includes all chapters and the amount budgeted in each income and expense account, based on the budget during a date range.

Current clients interested in learning more about the new reports can get info or help 24/7 with our Compass and/or National Desktop Knowledge Base or can contact their account manager.


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