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Traveling Shenanigans

One of the best things about being a Sales Rep for OmegaFi is traveling. We love visiting campuses around the nation, individual chapters and attending Leadership Schools and Conventions…seriously, we love it ALL! With all of the traveling we do, there’s bound to be something happen every once in a while…or in my case, every single trip. But that is part of what makes it fun, and I would like to share just a few highlights from my travels.

Below are a few travel tales:

Story #1: I hosted a webinar in the car. Megan and I were actually on our way to visit a chapter when Mathew (our supervisor) called to tell me he was having connectivity issues and was unable to host a webinar for a client. We are all about teamwork here at OmegaFi so without hesitation I pulled over on the side of the road, connected via a hotspot and started the webinar. Don’t forget we were en route to a chapter visit. After I had begun the webinar, I realized we were behind scheduled and made the executive decision to host the webinar while driving (don’t try this at home). Luckily, I was traveling with my fellow office mate and sales rep, Megan who so graciously assisted me. I ended up driving and narrating the webinar while Megan navigated the client through the interface with her laptop on her lap in our rented Toyota Camry.

Story #2: A lady in the bathroom asked me to assist her in fixing her wig. That one is pretty self-explanatory. A little shift here, a little tug there and I have a new friend.

Story #3: Got a parking ticket. Not the craziest thing that has happened while on the road, but still no fun.

Story #4: Survived a tornado (sort of).

While Megan (my trusty travel partner) and I were in Arkansas, we had some rough weather. I’m not one to get nervous about weather (in all honesty, I need to pay more attention to that kind of stuff). But Megan, being the responsible and informed friend that she is, of course was very concerned about the tornado warning. I heard the weather alert go off on our phones, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I laid there pretending to be asleep, but Megan kept whispering “hey…umm..I think this is kind of a big deal.” I finally got out of bed and went downstairs with Megan who was preparing rations from the mini bar and ready to settle in the lobby with 60 strangers... It ended up to not be a big deal, but better safe than sorry.

Story #5: We’ve had to fit 50 dozen donuts in a compact car. No excuses, play like a champion.

Story #6: We didn’t have any cash, so I had to write checks at the toll bridges. Think you get dirty looks for writing a check in line at the grocery store? Imagine the side eye you get from a toll bridge operator.

Even with all of those shenanigans, we haven’t missed a flight. We like traveling because it’s fun, but we love our jobs because we have the opportunity to meet awesome members of the Greek Life community who are working hard to better themselves and their communities! It’s awesome to hear how OmegaFi’s service has made a difference in collecting more money for chapters so they can send more brothers to leadership conferences, fund more alumni events, raise more money for their philanthropies and provide scholarships to outstanding members. And of course, we love getting to know chapter members and officers who want to hear more about OmegaFi.

So when you see us at a vendor table at this summer’s convention and/or leadership school please stop by and say hello. I am sure we will have a colorful story about our travels to share with you.

We look forward to seeing you all on the road this summer!


Amber Stewart, Sales Representative

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