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Push to Start Service

If you've ever attended your organization's convention or leadership school, there's a good chance you may have met one of our Sales Representatives, and you may have left with one of our famous koozies. The OmegaFi Sales Representatives have the privilege of meeting chapter treasurers across the nation and equipping them with the most advanced tools available to manage their chapter's finances. Young fraternity leaders, who choose to make positive impacts on their campuses and within their organizations, continually impress us at OmegaFi. After working with thousands of treasurers over the last 22 years, we have seen the struggles leaders face when making chapter improvements, especially during the implementation of Vault. Below are a few suggestions for avoiding those struggles in your own chapter and ensuring a smooth transition to Vault from the very beginning.

Know Your Chapter Members
Seems simple, right? Surprisingly, one of the biggest hurdles chapters face during the implementation process for Vault is providing an updated roster with contact information for each member. OmegaFi boasts a "quick and simple" set-up process, but we need your help to prepare for the transition. Knowing your membership is critical for any chapter aspiring to achieve success financially, operationally and beyond. Members who are contributing to your chapter deserve to be involved in chapter communications and events. Likewise, it's not fair to extend all benefits and privileges that come with membership to those who fail to fulfill their obligations - current balances and account statuses noted on your member roster help you maintain consistency and accuracy. With updated member contact information on file, you're able to take a proactive approach to help members uphold their responsibility to support your chapter.

Know Your Chapter's Decision-Makers
Chapter treasurers often call on OmegaFi to help them improve their chapter?s financial management. Treasurers typically have a deeper understanding (than other chapter members) of the work involved in billing, collecting, budgeting and paying vendors. As a result, they also have a greater appreciation for the benefits available to their chapters through Vault. When a chapter vote is the only obstacle between you and implementation, get your members on board by letting us appeal to their needs as chapter participants. They may not see the value in financial reporting and the support of a dedicated Account Manager, but they may realize a need for more efficient communication and secure payment options through our mobile app. Additionally, OmegaFi can satisfy the needs of chapter individuals across multiple levels of authority; involving local alumni advisors from the start will ensure they are fully educated about how we can accommodate a preference for separation of funds and private accounts.

Know Your Chapter's Needs
Do you need help tracking and paying bills on time? Is your chapter's low collection rate preventing critical campus participation? Perhaps your goal is to establish consistent and transparent billing and collection of funds. Every chapter comes to OmegaFi in search of a specific solution to a specific need. If you can identify processes that you'd like to improve within your chapter, OmegaFi will assist you in finding an existing solution or create a path to achieve the best results for you and your chapter. We listen to client feedback and build the tools our chapters want and need. Our job is to help you discover how you can achieve optimal efficiency.

Once you're ready to move forward into a new partnership with OmegaFi, we'll guide you through our simple set-up process where we gather chapter information; you'll also participate in an introductory call with your OmegaFi Account Manager to schedule chapter billing cycles. And, we promise to connect you with other Team Members who can provide you with additional expertise. Our Account Managers and Payroll Specialists help take your financial management to a new level of efficiency with hands-on support. In just two short steps, we'll launch your chapter into the 21st century with our cloud-based tools and support on-the-go.

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