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The Greatest Recruitment Tool Ever. Period. The End.


Woah. Yeah we know that’s a pretty charged statement right there. Just what is the greatest recruitment tool?

Is it free pizza? It’s free pizza, right? No? Well what is it?

It’s you. As a member of a fraternity or sorority, you are without question the greatest recruitment tool ever. Period. The end. And listen, we aren’t just saying that because we think you’re an awesome, super-special speck of stardust that should be reincarnated into one of the Queen’s welsh Corgi’s—you are, and you know you are. What we are saying is that when it comes to recruiting, you are the first point of reference for what to expect from the organization. That’s it. No special tools or whistles, just you. In nearly all cases of fraternity or sorority recruitment, the defining factor when it came to a person joining an organization was the brotherhood or sisterhood they were faced with during Rush Week. In the off chance that an individual knew exactly what fraternity or sorority they wanted to join when they entered undergrad, we here at OmegaFi are willing to wager that that individual was inspired by a mentor that was a Greek of that organization or their parent was a member of the organization in question.

In short, communication is everything and we're here to help with that too

I’m still confused. How do I use this tool you speak of? How do I use “me?”

Well, for your benefit OmegaFi is here to break it down and explain why.

Let’s Start Here

The Greatest Recruitment Tool Ever. Period. The End.

For the sake of this scenario let’s imagine for a second that it’s rush week. Your organization is doing their best to put on a week of events that showcase your strong suits and entice potential recruits to join your organization. Essentially you’re goal here is to impress. Why? Because you aren’t trying to beg potential brothers or sisters to join your organization. In truth, you’re fundamentally trying to inspire them, and those are two very different things. This change in mindset leads to several key changes in behavior. For starters, you’re handling the presentation of your chapter and its members on your terms. This means that you aren’t changing your demeanor to satisfy a potential recruit; rather, you’re holding yourself up to your own ideals of fraternity or sorority life, as well as the specific culture your chapter’s organization represents. Often this means a mix of presenting the fun that you have with your brothers and sisters, as well as the professionalism and poise that is typical of your organization. In short, you’re throwing a party for yourselves and showing the fun that your organization has on a daily basis. Anybody who feels like they’d be a good fit for that type of community then has to try to get in with the hosts of the party.

Image is Everything

The Greatest Recruitment Tool Ever. Period. The End.

With that said, first impressions are key and image is often everything. If your events are subpar, are stalled, or your brothers or sisters seem stand-offish, awkward, or un-engaging, this will ultimately reflect poorly on the way your organization is perceived. Again, the purpose of this form of previewing isn’t to appease and superficially recruit brothers and sisters, but to inspire them to want to be a part of an organization they respect. This means that your brothers and sisters should be dressed in whatever way your organization’s inner code demands. If your brothers are laid back and generally pretty casual, sell that and be true to those ideals. However, if your organization is typically clean-shaven and dressed to the nines, and brothers have been slacking in that regard lately, you’ll have to reign that in come time to recruit and hold yourself to a higher standard.

How Do I Use “Me” to My Advantage?

The Greatest Recruitment Tool Ever. Period. The End.

The million-dollar question of using yourself as a recruitment tool is first and foremost: how to do it. The answer is pretty simple, though. Carry yourself well, represent your chapter and your fraternity or sorority as best you can, and get out and talk to people. As a brother or sister in your organization, and as a member of the Greek community you should hold yourself to the standard that you represent. As a Greek, you are more than just a student. You are a pillar of the student body exemplifying the ideals of social engagement, philanthropy, service, academics, and brotherhood/sisterhood. With that said, if you are firing on all cylinders within your undergraduate career, it’ll be impossible not to inspire a potential recruit.

In this sense, you are the best advertisement for what your chapter, fraternity or sorority has to offer a potential recruit and vice versa. Let’s start with the basics in regards to general Greek life etiquette. To begin, you’ll want to make sure that you are a consummate professional in virtually everything you do. You don’t have to be the best-dressed person in the room, but admittedly it does help. The next thing you want to focus on is how you represent yourself and your organization in the classroom where your fellow students will see you. Do you sit in the back of the class and text on your phone? Are you on your laptop scrolling through Facebook and other social media apps until the end of class? If so, stop. Whether you are aware of it or not, whenever you choose to wear letters and represent your organization, your behavior has an impact on the perception of your organization. If you’re caught sleeping in class and the next day you wear a Delta Gamma long sleeve tee, from that point on people will say that the DG girl sleeps in class. A negative connotation can go a long way if that’s someone’s only point of reference, so always be sure to hold yourself to highest standards of behavior and personal presentation in order to have the best effect on potential recruits. The plus side to this strict code of behavior is that all the values you embody for the purpose of inspiring others are good values to have yourself, and at OmegaFi we like to call that a win-win.

If you’ve got any stories of people you’ve been able to inspire through your presence let us know in the comments below!


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