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OmegaFi's Oldest Client


Sigma Nu’s Beta Theta chapter at Auburn University certainly proves the point of OmegaFi as a “long-term solution.” In the early 1990’s, the alumni advisors and officers faced the same challenge as the majority of fraternity chapters on campus: brothers were not paying on-time -- if at all.  They heard about a recent Auburn graduate, Todd Reaves, who was starting a company to help fraternities and sororities solve their collection problem, so they signed-up, becoming OmegaFi’s very first paying client.  OmegaFi provided the accountability, control and support to increase collections, keep the chapter consistently fiscally sound, and to bring transparency to their financial operations.

This chapter of more than 100 men boasts an overall collection rate in excess of 98%, and they now rely on OmegaFi to help pay their bills, as well.

“Our relationship with OmegaFi dates back to the founding of the company,” said Max Coblentz, House Corporation Treasurer.  “A few years ago we had a brief trial with another company, but we wisely returned to OmegaFi, and the results have been even better than expected.  OmegaFi provides great customer service and all the tools necessary to effectively manage fraternity finances, and we look forward to many more successful years together.”


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