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OmegaFi Fall 2021 Release Notes

We are in the last stretch of the calendar year and OmegaFi is working to ensure you’re well-supported throughout the holiday season and upcoming new year!

To better serve you, we:

  • Developed a Single Sign On (SSO) integration with EVERFI’s new platform, Foundry
  • Added Events endpoints to the Compass API
  • Completed enhancements to the OmegaRecruit mobile app


To provide efficiency in the LMS course completion process, we developed a Single Sign On (SSO) integration to EVERFI’s platform, Foundry. If your organization utilizes Foundry, we can add a link in myOmegaFi to allow your members easy access to Foundry courses via the SSO link-and-launch technology.

To ensure the description is clear to members, the label of the link in myOmegaFi can be customized according to your organization’s preferences. Once they select the link, the Foundry courses conveniently open in a new tab for members to continue their education journey.

Contact your Success Manager with any questions.


We expanded the Compass API to include information related to the Events module in Compass. The API now includes new endpoints to get Event Listings, Details and Participants. We also included endpoints to update Events and Event Participants.

This means we can now push data related to event listings, participants, and other details via the API to outside platforms and vendors of your choosing. You can also push data to Compass via the API to update events and participants. Field-level information related to each endpoint can be found in the Compass API Documentation (v1.3) here: https://compass.docs.stoplight.io/api-reference/event/getevents.

Contact your Senior Client Operations Specialists with any questions.


Just in time for spring recruitment, we added two exciting timesaving and ease-of-use features to the OmegaRecruit mobile app:

  • Advance rounds/parties (Administrator Access Only)
  • Update match profiles (All Voting Members)

Users can now conveniently perform these key steps directly from their mobile app, without having to log into the desktop app.

In fact, after they register their accounts, voting members no longer need the desktop app to use OmegaRecruit. They can do it all from their phones - login, set up or update match profiles, and vote on PNMs directly from the mobile app!

Contact your Senior Client Operations Specialist with any questions.

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