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Get fast & accurate event attendance counts with OmegaFi’s member engagement solution

Customers get fast, accurate event counts when they use our new RSVP feature  

OmegaFi’s popular chapter member engagement software, OmegaOne, has a new RSVP feature that helps collegians and graduate members plan events more effectively. 

Included with any OmegaOne subscription, the new RSVP feature is part of the software’s calendar feature update. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. An administrator creates a new event.

  2. Once the event is published, prospective event attendees (collegiate members or alumni/ae) members can select “Yes,” “No,” or “Tentative.”

  3. The administrator who created the event can see, in real time, how many people plan to attend the event. 

  4. The chapter officer can purchase the right number of supplies, food, etc., without spending more money “just-in-case.”    

Nearly 1,400 chapters use OmegaFi’s member engagement solution to track attendance, plan events, share calendars, have group chats, and track member safety during a campus emergency. 

Do you know an on-campus chapter, club or group who are using too many apps to conduct their business? Tell them they can combine all chapter business communications and replace GroupMe, WhatsApp, Slack, Google Forms & Sheets, Dropbox, Facebook, SurveyMonkey, and more with us!

Send them here to get more information.  

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