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Giving Thanks to Your Members

Fraternity communication brings brothers together.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? 

Sure, but what matters is how good communication makes those connections worthwhile.

We often talk about chapter communication in terms of expectations of brothers by officers, advisors, and other higher ups. We talk about it in terms of rewards and punishments based on those expectations.

We strategize how to plan and execute events, how to analyze our results and do even better next time. But we don’t often discuss what motivates brothers to invest their lives in the chapter in the first place. We don’t normally frame showing up and going above and beyond—all while struggling as a full-time college student—in terms of what brothers seek from those experiences.

This is exactly why we should thank members for their hard work.

Certainly, brothers don’t fill philanthropy hours or help with recruitment events because they only want to be praised. It’s deeper than some surface-level vanity: They want to know they’re on the right track. 

They want to know they’re building your confidence in their actions. They’re growing into young leaders, and they look to those who’re already leading the charge to check their progress. Because what they want is simply to make their chapter better. That’s it.

That’s why good fraternity communication means checking in with members to let them know they’re contributing. But how do you go about doing that? What does recognizing and building up members look like?

Let’s look at a few effective ways of Giving Thanks to Your Members.

Public Displays of Affection

We know, PDA usually has a negative connotation. But when it comes to recognizing your members’ hard work, you want to shout your love from the rooftops.

Why? It’s simple. Publicly thanking members not only makes them feel appreciated, it also gets everyone involved in the thanks-fest. 

It lets the chapter know you’re all in this thing together. Here are a few ways to pull off the perfect public “thank you.”

A Brotherhood Event

These chapter gatherings are a perfect way to show thanks, because they’re typically laid back, not too expensive, and simple to plan. Thus, you can hold one of these events once a month, or even once a week.

Some examples include:

  • midnight bowling
  • camping/hiking
  • road trip
  • go to a local drive-in
  • order a bunch of pizzas
  • basketball on the campus courts
  • bonfire on the beach

Remember to point out to members that these events are meant to celebrate their hard work. Avoid venues where not all members can go, such as bars or clubs that serve alcohol, or anywhere not accessible to members with disabilities or an inability to access certain activities.

A Thank You Greek Gala

When the simple get-together doesn’t cut it, and you need a bigger megaphone, you can stage a bigger event (just remember to budget for this event at the beginning of the semester).

Consider renting a hotel ballroom or other large space, or, weather permitting, holding it in the tranquil serenity of your campus park. 

Provide food and beverages for everyone, bring a PA system, and let everyone hear your praise. Talk up the chapter GPA, charity volunteer hours, or whatever you feel are top chapter accomplishments.

You can also have fun activities, music and dancing, and hand out creative award certificates (“Most Likely to Go to Taco Bell at 4am” or “Chapter Clown,” etc.). 

Build your theme activities around your venue choice.

It may help to give it a name that envisions the event:

  • The Thank You Greek Gala
  • The ‘Members Rock’ Riverside Picnic
  • The Annual Student Center “Memberies” Punch & Cookies Award Ceremony

TY Means Thank You: Digital Recognition

When your alumni fundraise, they post digital donor lists and praise those who give to their fundraising efforts online.

Take a page from their book.

The expediency of the internet is expressed in the acronyms we use online, like omg, lol, and ty. We can use that expediency to give instant and widespread thanks to our members for little or no cost.

Giving Thanks to Your Members_1Praise chapter members with proven techniques your alumni use to thank fundraising donors.

Try one of the following or a combination of these digital expressions of gratitude:

  1. Blast member accomplishments on social media.
  2. Create a “chapter newsletter” that talks up the chapter’s good deeds.
  3. Alternately, include a (small) section in an alumni newsletter about chapter news.
  4. Include a “news of note” section on the chapter website.
  5. Create some public member lists, like top GPAs, most volunteer hours, etc.

Alternately, you could go for a more direct approach when communicating your appreciation. That’s where chapter communication software can play a vital role.

How Chapter Communication Software Connects You in Meaningful Ways

Greek Chapter Communication Software can help you connect with members, plan and manage events and attendance check-ins and your points system, share files, collect membership dues, and more.

Giving Thanks to Your Members_2

Try OmegaOne today.

Here are a few ways OmegaOne can help you spread the good cheer with your hard-working brothers.

  • email/text blasts

Sending a mass email, text, or alert via OmegaOne’s customizable communication system can give members some quick kudos. You can also decide who receives the message. For instance, if the new members are the ones being recognized for their hard work on a project, you can send the message only to new members.

  • planning your thank-you events

With OmegaOne, you can plan and manage your events using a shared chapter calendar, alerts and communication system, cloud file sharing, and more. You can also send quick survey questions to gauge member interest in different aspects of your event, so members can feel engaged and enthusiastic.

  • use attendance points to reward members

Managing your attendance points system is easier than ever via OmegaOne. You can manage points and member appeals and connect attendance points to events without having to constantly update a cumbersome spreadsheet. Use this data to quantify members’ efforts to alumni advisors, your university Greek community, and yourselves.

OmegaFi offers software solutions for Greek chapters for recruitment, budgeting, communication, and more. Learn more about our services or call direct at 800.276.6342.

How do you show your members thanks? What has worked for your chapter? Share in the comments below!

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