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Blog with us


At OmegaFi, our approach has and will continue to be partner-focused.  Our company is at the forefront of efficiency-enabling innovation for fraternal organizations.  Our 75-person staff works hard every day to improve productivity for fraternities and sororities at the local, regional and national level.  We also celebrate their success and achievements.  We're big believers and supporters of the Greek movement.

Since 1992, we've been listening and sharing our knowledge to position the Greek world for long-term success.  We'll use this blog to share best practices, interesting stories and dialogue with some of the best minds and leaders running chapter meetings, advising college students and managing national headquarters.  We'll also bring you news and information that appeals to fraternity men and sorority women everywhere.  We invite you to share your stories and ideas.  Call our attention to something noteworthy.  Post a comment.  Blog with us.


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