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Best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package


Fraternity men on the go have to couple their hectic, task-filled schedules with tools to make their lives easier. This is especially true when it comes to the nuts and bolts of keeping their chapters well-oiled and functioning at peak proficiency, without their grades or other responsibilities suffering. Gone are the days when a fraternity brother could tie a scrolled alumni newsletter to his carrier pigeons’ legs, then sit around his mud hut waiting for the pigeons to return. Oh, how many pigeons he lost! And all the while the gruel kept getting cold. Even back “then,” getting things done took forever.

The point is this: You live in the twenty-first century, dudes. There are these things called computers. You’re on one right now. Not only have some really smart folks come up with software for said computers to help your fraternity chapter operate to its full potential, but some have had the foresight to bring the various fraternity software functionality together such as communication, budgeting and transaction processing, fundraising, chapter management, and mobile access. When you’re doing fraternity software reviews, it’s important to figure out how to get the best bang-for-buck, or else you’ll end up with software that might actually be less efficient than carrier pigeons. That’s why OmegaFi is pumped to bring you one of our favorite topics: the Best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package.

Okay. We’ll cut to the chase.

Call it shameless self-promotion. Call it bravado. It may be all those things, but the bottom line is that we truly believe one hundred percent that OmegaFi offers the best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package. We wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t believe our software was the best out there for you and your fellow fraternity brothers. Period.

For OmegaFi, the name of the game is software integration. What does that mean? For one, it means you aren’t accessing ten different accounts for ten different pieces of software for each task your chapter seeks to accomplish. This translates to a more seamless process of running your chapter, as well as more time for chapter officers to catch up on that midterm essay, hit the gym, or steal a few hours of much-needed Z’s. While there are many pieces of software out there to help fraternities with various day-to-day tasks, OmegaFi is proud to offer a comprehensive software package to help your fraternity do the heavy lifting all in one place.

“So,” you say, “what are we talking about here? Tell me more about this handy dandy all-in-one integrated software.”

Sure thing! We thought you’d never ask!

Vault into Action

Best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package_1.jpg

OmegaFi’s Vault covers a lot of ground when it comes to software for running your fraternity chapter. As dues collection and financial budgeting shape the lifeblood of a fraternity chapter, we don’t have to tell you that the way in which money is handled can make or break your brotherhood. That’s why Vault can be an invaluable piece of fraternity software for managing all the financial ins and outs of your chapter. Essentially Vault is the interface through which OmegaFi’s dedicated financial experts assist your chapter in the day-to-day transactions and tracking of your budget. What we mean is this: The most fundamentally important aspect of Vault is that it isn’t just a piece of software; it connects you with a real life personal account manager to assist you with chapter budgeting and dues collection. The account manager actually works with you to schedule payments and billing per term, track budgeting versus what’s being spent and even send paper statements to fraternity brothers and their parents, as well as offering easy access for bill payment online and handling banking transactions for your chapter.

As chapter officers you can control access, customize your homepage, manage chapter member information, coordinate alumni donations, track philanthropy income and even communicate directly with parents regarding their sons’ financial standing with the chapter. As you can see, Vault integrates aspects of financial planning and tracking, dues collection and a host of avenues to communicate regarding these topics. Through the myOmegaFi interface, officers such as the chapter treasurer and others can make sure brothers are well informed regarding their chapter finances, including via Facebook, text message, Google Calendar, personalized announcements and more. OmegaFi also offers access via a cell phone app for both Android and Apple phones. But Vault isn’t the only piece of the OmegaFi fraternity software puzzle.

Follow Your Compass

Best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package_2.jpg

We know what you’re going to say. “But isn’t OmegaFi’s Compass a separate piece of fraternity software?” In name, yes. But as Billy Shakespeare once quilled: “Like, what’s in a name, man?” Okay maybe it went a little differently than that. The point is, Compass is fully integrated with Vault and vice versa. But you already know about Vault’s financial prowess. What does Compass offer your fraternity chapter? What an excellent rhetorical question.

Compass is OmegaFi’s overarching chapter and member management database system. So while Vault covers the budgeting aspect of membership, Compass fills in the rest of the fraternity software blanks. It centralizes your membership information, including brothers’ contact info, member status and officer positions held, awards, legacy and any other customizable fields specific to your chapter or organization. Compass also offers compiled databases of chapter housing information such as mortgage, tax and insurance numbers, chapter specific details such as officer lists and event calendars, audit and communication logs, mass emailing and customizable reporting.

But here’s the kicker . . .

Compass is fully integrated with Vault and myOmegaFi. This means that, for instance, when a fraternity chapter updates its member roster for their national organization via Vault, it’s automatically updated in Compass as well. That’s one less task for the treasurer to tackle when it comes to tracking members’ semester finances. In addition, it’s possible to pay national dues directly via Vault if your national organization chooses that route. The software functionality between the various chapter tasks is seamlessly integrated to make your life easier--which, we fully understand, is a must for the active collegiate fraternity brother.

So, What’s Next?

Best All-in-One Fraternity Software Package_3.jpg

OmegaFi’s dedication to bringing fraternity chapters the best software experience out there means we’re also constantly evolving to improve our product, its adaptability and integration between various tools. Consider OmegaOne. You can use this software to centralize all communications and scheduling for your chapter from either your computer or the mobile device app. Functions include mass communication via email or text, scheduling events calendars, polling your fraternity brothers on various chapter-related topics, tracking attendance and study hours and more. The best part? OmegaOne will soon be integrated with other OmegaFi software, to give you the full fraternity software experience in one easy to access hub.

These are the reasons we think OmegaFi offers the best all-in-one fraternity software package, but we can always do more, and do it better. We’d love to hear how your chapter feels about our software. What do you love about it? What could be better? What’s missing from your “dream software package”? Let us know in the comments below!



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