7 Tips on Juggling a Social Life with Adulting


Let’s face it… Adulting is not all it’s cracked up to be. When the semester swings into gear, stress levels rise. Being a student, involved in extracurricular activities, and sometimes being an athlete or a part-time employee can take over lives. Who has time for a social life? Here are 7 tips on juggling a social life with adulting.


1. Invest in a Good Planner

Investing in a planner that you’ll use is a must. If you have assignments due, a job, an executive board position, and/or sports you’re involved in, not having a planner is just not an option. Achieving deadlines and being punctual to meetings are important in college and when you graduate and get that big kid job. College can be stressful enough on its own. Don’t let an old habit of not organizing your obligations make it even harder. 

If you’re looking for a cheap planner that will get you in the groove of using one, go to your neighborhood Walmart.


2. Trick Yourself 

Procrastination is a very real thing. If it’s Monday and you have an assignment due on Friday, there’s a 98% chance you’ll wait until Thursday night to complete the assignment. Using that nifty planner you’ve just bought, you can trick yourself into thinking the assignment is due earlier than it actually is. Write down that the assignment is due on Wednesday. This will give you time to actually review your work instead of turning in a first draft. It’ll also make you feel better and less stressed  when you see that only one assignment is due on Wednesday, instead of seeing one assignment, one test and one paper due all on one day.

If you’re notorious for being late, start writing down that the meeting is 15 minutes earlier than it actually is. Set your watch to run early, too. Being late is not going to fly in the real world of adulting.


3. Block Time

Setting aside one hour per day to do something you need to accomplish is essential for proper time management. If you get lost in your Netflix binge easily, set a reminder on your phone that the next hour of your day is dedicated to getting outside, going to the gym, or catching up on some reading for class. Whether you’re blocking time for school, personal, or social time, it’s important to set that time aside. College is quite literally the epitome of not having enough hours in the day.

It’s easy to forget that we need to set aside some “me time.” Having that time for 30 minutes to an hour each day makes a difference in the stress we feel on a day-to-day basis. Taking the time to recoup can be one of the most beneficial things you can do in the life of adulting.


4. Know When Bills are Due… Especially in Relation to Your Pay Day

There’s nothing worse about adulting than paying bills… except for not having the money to pay those bills. Writing down when pay day is going to be and what bills are due from that paycheck is a great start to proper budgeting. Be aware of when you’ll have to purchase things, like a costume for an upcoming mixer or some baked goods for a philanthropy event. Knowing ahead of time how much money you’ll be spending in a two week span will help keep stress levels down, while also perfecting your personal budget.

If you’re struggling with your personal budget, be sure to check out Mint. Most banks will also have an app that can show you where all of your spending is going.


5. Don’t Spend Your Money on Things You Don’t Really Need

If you don’t have bills, but you’re trying to watch your spending, take out the cash you’ll need for the week and have your roommate hide your debit/credit card. Physically seeing the money you can spend will make you think before you hand over that $20 bill.

Don’t want to hand over your credit card? Fill a Tupperware container with water and drop the card into the container. Then, freeze the container. If you’re tempted to go out and buy something you don’t really need, you’ll have to wait a couple of hours for that block of ice to melt. By the time it’s melted, the urge to spend money will likely have passed.


6. Don’t be Afraid to Say No

Often enough, we feel like we can’t say no to the people asking us for help. Be the helping hand, but don’t overdo it. Take that “me time,” and don’t keep putting you off. If you have three assignments due the same week as spring formal, don’t volunteer to organize formal. Know your limits and politely say no. Overwhelming yourself is the quickest way to hate adulting. One person can only do so much, so give yourself a break!


7. Learn How to Wing It

Plan as much as you can, but don’t forget how to wing it. Things happen and interrupt our daily schedules that we can’t possibly be prepared for. Don’t stress about what you can’t change--just learn how to adapt and wing it. Agility is a priceless quality to have. It will only benefit you in the long run! College is about learning how to juggle adulting with a social life, but it’s also about having fun. So have fun! Just don’t forget about the responsibilities you have to keep up with to stay in college.

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These seven tips are sure to steer anyone struggling with adulting in the right direction, but even the adults that we believe have it all together wrestle with juggling a social life with responsibilities. Comment below with suggestions and advice on how you’ve managed to juggle adulting with your social life!



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