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6 IFC Tools Every Fraternity Chapter Should Be Using

Here’s a simple question:

Do you have goals you want to accomplish in life?

Of course, you do.

Everyone does. Goals give our lives purpose. They give us a reference point for growth. A marker of how far we’ve come and can still go.

But here’s the thing about goals—when they’re worthwhile, you can’t do them alone.

You need help.

And whether that takes the form of a mentor, a group of colleagues, or just a good ol’ fashioned set of tools, it’s going to take more than hard work and elbow grease to achieve your dreams.

Especially when it comes to life in the IFC.

So, today we’re going to focus on tools. And since we live in a digital world—you guessed it—most of these IFC tools can be downloaded right now...FOR.THE.FREE.

Now, get excited and take out a pen and a to-do list. We’re going goal-knocking.

Here Are the 6 IFC Tools Every Fraternity Chapter Should Be Using.

6. Use Meetup for Recruiting

Use MeetUp for Recruiting

As we’ve mentioned before, recruiting is kind of a big deal when it comes fraternities continuing to...you know, exist. Which means you need to inspire young men to see your fraternity as uniquely attractive among dozens of competitors.

So, how do you do it?


Meetup is a social networking platform that allows users to create a local community based on a given interest or hobby.

Where does all this fit in with recruiting, you ask?

It allows you to create a community (on campus) involving the EXACT kind of brothers that are most in-tune with your fraternity’s values.

Here’s an example:

If you’re a fraternity chapter that is all about athletics—great! Create a Meetup group that’s called “The [University Name] Athletic Society,” “Legends of the Hidden Temple: [University Name] Edition,” or “The League of Extraordinary Athletes.” The point is to create a group that’s appealing, that feels special, that’ll field members for the characteristics you want, and where your brothers will be the leading figures.

Before you know it, you’re playing group dodgeball with a huge class of freshmen that are seeing your fraternity chapter leading and having the most fun.

Plus, it’s a great way to meet new kids on your campus, so get out there.

5. Use Groupme for Internal Communication

Use Groupme for Internal Communication

Groupme, Groupme, Groupme.

How we love thee.

If you don’t know, Groupme, is essentially a large private chatroom, and for those of you readers born after the 90s, a chatroom is basically big group text.

And here’s why that’s cool:

Groupme puts all of your brothers in one convenient location.

Ah yeah, let the memes and roasting sessions commence!

Groupme is a blast for both work and play. You can use the app to create a channel (chatroom) specifically for your executive board members OR one that features your current brothers and alumni.

Want to become closer to your alumni base? Make a Groupme.

Want to stay connected with your pledge class? Make a Groupme.

Want to share documents, photos, study aids, and internship opportunities? Make a Groupme!

Now, that we’re clear. Let’s move on to...

4. Use OmegaFi for Dues Collection

Use OmegaFi for Dues Collection

You knew this one was coming.

But let’s be frank, dues collection is pretty important. You need dues to put on all of your events from Rush Week, your chapter t-shirts, and preparations for your winter and spring formals. And to be really honest your chapter treasurer already agrees with us.

And here at OmegaFi, it’s pretty much our thing.

As a software specifically dedicated to helping you collect the money you’re owed, there’s really nothing as important to a fraternity as its members paying the necessary fees to allow the chapter to thrive.

Imagine you worked a job—off the top of my head, let’s say Denny’s—and your employer wouldn’t pay you unless you specifically asked.

Again, and again.

And even then, they’d pay you in small amounts, hoping you’d just forget and let it go.

Yeah, no.

With OmegaFi, we’re here to make sure you get ALL your money. And if you don’t, those members become inactive.

It’s just that simple.

3. Use Wunderlist for Task Management

Use Wunderlist for Task Management

Remember when we told you to break out your to-do list?

That’s right! We’re going digital baby!

And Wunderlist is just...it’s just wonderful.

The app is essentially prettified to-do-list. It’s intuitive, easy to customize, and has an AMAZINGLY simple user-interface. You can make lists on the app such as “Monday Chest and Triceps Exercises” or “Daily Morning Ritual” and create boxed entries that can be scheduled or repeated.

Did you finish that 3rd dips set? Cross it off the list.

Did you just meditate for 10 minutes? Go ahead, cross it off.

The app is great because whatever your goals for the day, month, or year, you can implement directly into the platform and receive the sweet satisfying ding that comes with crossing it off your list.

Now, in terms of organization, it’s hard to beat this one…

2. Use Google Calendar for Time Management

Use Google Calendar for Time Management

Google Calendar is free.

Google Calendar is awesome.

And hey, did we mention that Google Calendar is FREE?

Here’s why:

Ever wonder where all your time goes?

You get out of class and you’ve got a homework assignment due tomorrow that will take you two hours. You know you need to get to the library at some point, but the gym comes first.

You hit the gym and your brother invites you to come out to eat. You oblige. You get done eating, and now it’s time to hit the library but—oh—your girlfriend just texted you and said she wants to watch a movie at the house...on Netflix.

No more library. You’ll wake up early and knock out in the morning.

You don’t.

Where Google Calendar becomes a godsend is that it allows you to create your own schedule that can be edited and monitored. You can schedule your classes, first and foremost. Then schedule the best time to hit the gym. And follow it up with the best time to study—preferably in-between your classes.

If you can stick to it, treat the library like going to work, and put your phone down and focus. You’ll gain a better command of your time, and ultimately your academics and social life.

And lastly, speaking of academics...

1. Use Forest to Focus While You’re Studying

Use Forest to Focus While You’re Studying

We’re going to be straightforward with this one—Forest is a timing app for your smartphone.

It allows its users to set any time limit up to two hours and within 5-minute increments.

And it’s amazing.


Because once that timer is set, a virtual tree will grow on your screen. And if you leave the app for any reason for longer than 10 seconds or so. The timer will stop and your tree will die.

Yep, it’s that simple.

But psychologically, it works like gangbusters.

Have an exam you really need to focus on and study for?

Set a timer for 1hr and put your phone away.

Tempted to look at your phone for texts and notifications?

Feel free. But you’re already 20 minutes in. Do you really want your tree to die? No?

Better focus then.

The key here is that the app forces you to invest by virtue of the time you’ve already committed. Which incidentally incentivizes you to commit more. Which will ultimately help you succeed in your class, work, and life.

Is there a fraternity tool we missed? Don’t keep it to yourself! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to our next list.

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