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5 College Subjects That Will Make You a Better Fraternity Treasurer


We tend to think of the different parts of our lives as separate hats we wear: one hat for son, one hat for boyfriend, one for college student, sports bar waiter, second baseman and fraternity treasurer. Sure, there’s also a hat for boat captain, if that’s your thing. So by all means, once you’re done reading this, go breathe the salty ocean air from beneath your brim, you old sea dog, you.

But for us landlubbers we’ll have to stick with the mostly metaphorical headwear.

Whatever it is you’re “wearing,” the separateness of each role we inhabit is an illusion. What do we mean? Think about it.

We’re about to get all Zen on your butts for a minute. Ready? There’s an old saying:

“The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything.”

You’re literally one person. No more, no less. These roles you take on are all you, and the way you partake in each role affects the others, either negatively or positively. If you always wait till the last minute to buy your significant other a Christmas present, you’ll also put off tasks at work and perform poorly, leaving grumpy, impatient diners and bad tips. And chances are, you’ll throw together essays and assignments for class the night before they’re due. You’ll stay up all night to finish without the proper amount of effort and consideration. Then, from lack of sleep, your performance at everything goes down. Conversely, if you measure your time and put effort into your relationship, that’s probably how you treat your job and schoolwork, and you’ll be rolling in kisses, tip money and good grades.

Now, keeping all this in mind, consider that you’ve taken on the role of Chapter Treasurer this semester. Sure, you could keep treasurer-ing to the times you’re doing chapter-related activities. On the surface that seems reasonable. But what if we told you that you could be the best chapter treasurer your fraternity chapter ever saw? The greatest thing about taking on new challenges in your college years is that you’re already in an environment where you’re constantly learning and growing. The goal of the classes you take is not just to “be a good student,” but to, you know . . .


And once you learn something, it can apply to your daily life and even as part of your training to become a fraternity treasurer. How so? Ask and you shall receive our answer. OmegaFi is going to blow your mind with 5 College Subjects That Will Make You a Better Fraternity Treasurer.

5. Creative Writing

5 College Subjects Better Fraternity Treasurer_5.jpg
“Okay, hold up,” you say. “Seriously?”


Here’s why: Learning to think creatively for some can be outside their comfort zone, especially practical thinkers. Practical thinking seems like it would be a good thing when dealing with money. It’s probably why you thought you’d be a shoe-in for treasurer in the first place. But this is not always true. There’s a time and place for practicality, for sure. There are great benefits to being practical when budgeting and thinking ahead with the financial future of the chapter.

There’s also a time and place for creativity. Even if you’re not Allen Ginsberg, taking a Creative Writing course or two can help fill out some elective credits on your transcript and give you a new perspective on problem solving. It also gets you thinking with language. It all boils down to how you communicate with brothers and other chairmen of your chapter, how you strategize the goals of each chair or “character” in the budget, making each piece fit into the budget, and doing it all with an enriched sense of the human spirit.

4. College Algebra

5 College Subjects Better Fraternity Treasurer_4.jpg
You might’ve expected something more advanced, like accounting. But you’re not going to take accounting courses unless you’re well into your major, enrolled in core classes. While it might be an added bonus to elect an accounting major as your fraternity treasurer, it’s certainly not a requirement. But chances are no matter your major, you’re going to need some math credits.

Bummer. Now, we’ve mentioned college algebra here, but you can substitute a different basic math course your college offers to fulfill your requirements as a student. The idea here is that math stimulates certain parts of the brain that deal with solving problems with numbers, a crucial skill for a fraternity treasurer. It re-familiarizes you with the math problem solving you did oh-so-long ago in high school, which will lend you a sharp eye when going over the semester’s budget one last time.

3. Canoeing and Kayaking

5 College Subjects Better Fraternity Treasurer_3.jpg
Take canoeing and kayaking. Get out on the lake and paddle. We’re one hundred percent serious. If your university doesn’t offer it, take weightlifting, or sports history, or a film course. Take astronomy, if you love the stars.

We’ll keep this one short and sweet: Taking a class every once in a while where the coursework doesn’t feel like work, because it’s easy and you enjoy the content, will make the rest of your load seem easier. It’ll take the pressure off for a few hours each week, refresh you, and when it comes to being a fraternity treasurer you’ll be glad to have the mental freshness to deal with the social chair who won’t stop bugging you for more money.

2. Professional or Expository Writing
5 College Subjects Better Fraternity Treasurer_2.jpg

This probably seems like the creative writing example above. However, while it does share some similarities, professional or expository writing are different beasts. These courses share qualities of both creative writing and the more practical qualities of the way you construct an algebra equation. You’re looking at tone, format, content and other aspects of constructing a composition that will help you communicate in a formal business setting. This helps keep things professional in the way you express yourself as a fraternity treasurer, but it will also carry on as a skill in your future career. If you don’t have room in your schedule for these specifically, don’t worry. Comp I and Comp II should both offer you some basic groundwork in these areas of communication.

1. Any Classroom with a Good Teacher

5 College Subjects Better Fraternity Treasurer_1.jpg
Aside from taking any of the above mentioned courses, you can still get plenty just from taking classes with skilled and knowledgeable professors. You can check out a webpage like ratemyprofessor.com or just ask your brothers who’ve taken professors they’ve learned a lot from. A good teacher can show you how to be a group leader, effective at communicating important concepts, how to reach logical conclusions by thinking critically and taking the necessary problem solving steps. A good teacher shows how to be patient and approach problems differently, shows how to ask when you need help, and how to be consistent in your approach. These are all wonderful qualities for a fraternity treasurer, or anyone for that matter.

Remember, how you do one thing is how you do everything. And how you do everything includes how you perform as a fraternity treasurer. So try to get the most out of your college subjects this semester and into the bright future ahead.

What courses have you taken that have changed your perspective, and possibly made you a better treasurer? Hit us with your best recommendations in the comments below.


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